Waterfront Engineering

Making a Splash

With 71% of the earth’s surface covered in water, it takes a lot of engineering to manage it, make use of it, and enjoy it. Our waterfront engineers specialize in planning and designing recreational and working waterfront facilities.

In the last five years:

0200000 square feet of fixed piers and wharves

0700000 square feet of floating docks

030000 linear feet of fendering & bulkheads

A Few Words About Our Waterfront Practice

Over the past five decades, our firm has managed waterfront, coastal and upland projects for prominent public, commercial, and private owners who were seeking high quality, innovative solutions, and decisive project management.

We have designed and repaired more than 200,000 SF of fixed dock structures, including piers and wharves within the last 10 years. Such facilities include Pier 62 in Seattle Waterfront and Wapato Park Dock in Tacoma, WA. We have also designed more than 700,000 SF of floating dock structures. Examples include Port of Seattle Harbor Island Marina Improvement and University of Washington Waterfront Activity Center Dock Renovation.

Our designs also include public access piers aimed at meeting a range of usage needs, such as public fishing piers like Wapato Park in Tacoma, and Pier 86 in Seattle as well as docks serving tall ship moorage in Seattle. We have also designed numerous facilities servicing small recreational vessel day use and guest moorage.


ACEC Award – Don Morse

ACEC Award – Fishermen’s Terminal

ACEC Award – Edmonds Waterfront Center


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