Getting the Lay of the Land

Some follow their nose, some ask for directions. Some use smart-phone mapping apps or the impossible-to-refold paper map. Our surveyors use precise instruments to accurately map all manner of projects.

02400+ yellow survey field books on the shelf

0125+ education survey projects

Ivar’s Pier 54 Topographic Survey

Seattle, WALearn More

Lincoln High School Modernization – Topo Survey

Seattle, WALearn More

Redmond Way Water Quality Facility Base Map Update

Redmond, WALearn More

Swedish/Stevens Hospital ALTA

Edmonds, WALearn More

Shelton-Bremerton-Bangor RR-Base

Kitsap County, WALearn More

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Details About our Survey Practice

Accurate surveys and maps smooth the way for the design process. We perform surveying services for roads, highways, utilities, airports, waterfront facilities, and private and commercial developments. Reid Middleton has offered survey and mapping services for more than 60 years working on survey projects across the state and with the latest hardware and software systems, we deliver precise results.

Reid Middleton has performed survey services on more than 220 projects and has established itself as one of the Pacific Northwest’s premier survey firms. We are recognized for leadership and technical expertise in surveying and mapping and regularly perform topographic, boundary and as-built surveys, UAV based photogrammetry, GPS control, construction layout, legal description interpretation, boundary analysis, and preparation of legal descriptions and survey drawings of all types.



  • YUNEEC H520 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) with E90 Sensor
  • ST 16 Controller
  • Two FAA Licensed Remote Pilots

GPS Surveying

  • Two Leica GS14 GPS Receivers
  • Leica CS20 Field Controller

Laser Scanning

  • Leica MS50 Multi-Station
  • Leica CS20 Field Controller

Conventional Surveying

  • Carlson CR2 Robotic Total Station
  • Carlson Surveyor II Field Controller
  • Leica MS50 Robotic Total Station
  • Leica CS20 Field Controller
  • Leica CS7 Field Controller
  • Leica DINA Digital Level and Bar Code Rod
  • Leica 805 Total Station
  • Leica 1200 Total Station


Field Software

  • Leica Captivate
  • Carlson SurvCE
  • DataPilot UAV/Photogrammetry Program
  • WSRN GPS Network Solution
  • Leica SmartWorx VIVA

Office Software

  • Leica Geo Office
  • Leica MultiWorx
  • Leica Infiniti
  • Starnet Least-Squares Traverse Adjustment
  • Civil 3D AutoCAD
  • Carlson Survey AutoCAD
  • Virtual Surveyor Photogrammetry Processing Software