Leschi & Lakewood Marina Renovations

  • Location Seattle, WA
  • Client City of Seattle/ Parks & Rec
  • Increased Life-Cycle = Enhanced Uses

    Much needed safety repairs increased this marina’s usefulness.

  • Fish-Eye View

    The fixed breakwater wall included 7 windows for use by out-migrating salmon.

Safety on the Water The marina was nearing the end of its useful life and had some safety issues that needed to be corrected and operational aspects of the moorage that needed to be improved. Reid Middleton first conducted an assessment of the facilities, provided renovation alternatives, and prioritized the most urgent safety concerns within the city’s budget. After coordination with project stakeholders to gather input about the proposed dock and breakwater replacement, Reid Middleton designed, permitted, and provided contract administration for the chosen renovations and repairs. Renovations and repairs included new floats, piles and major repairs to the breakwater at North Leschi and shoreline restoration and a new pipe breakwater at South Leschi. Safety issues have been improved and public waterfront access has been protected.