Samsung Floating Storage Facility

  • Location Seoul, Korea
  • Client Samsung Heavy Industries Co. Ltd.
  • Floating Structures

    When land is sparse and water isn’t.

  • Forklifts on a Float

    Float supports heavy commercial equipment and storage loads.

Creatitve solution to a lack of land in an industrial shipyard. Samsung Heavy Industries wanted to save expensive limited upland space and maximize their ship-building efficiency. Reid Middleton provided design and construction administration services for a concrete floating storage facility and created an innovative module connection procedure, allowing for construction in the seawater. The floating facility is used as a ship-building equipment storage area during ship launching and as a temporary parking lot during ship building periods. The new facility improves ship-building efficiency, which saves transfer time related to moving the heavy equipment between the dry dock and upland storage area. The floating storage facility also conserves expensive upland space. The float is over a third of an acre in size and is 33 feet deep. The modular connection design allowed for the shipyard to build the float on site and assemble the completed facility in the water, saving significant costs.