Guiding Principles

Our success comes from asking ourselves, What’s the right thing to do?

The right thing for the client, the right thing for the project, the right thing for the community, the right thing for Reid Middleton.

Our Mission

DESIGN a world that works,
CREATE solutions that last, &
BUILD relationships that matter.

Reid Middleton’s Core Values

Core Values

  1. Trust + Respect

    In every productive relationship you establish that you can trust each other implicitly, and from that comes respect for one another. We want to operate in that zone.

  2. Heritage + Legacy

    The heritage left by our founders was providing personal, quality design and consulting services to clients in an environment where people enjoy working. This legacy lives on in each employee and is one of the most rewarding facets of our company.

  3. Integrity + Sincerity

    Doing what we say we will do, and meaning it. Integrity and sincerity are demonstrated by individual example and permeate our culture.

  4. Family + Fun

    We are all about family. We create a working environment that celebrates our success, and we enjoy sharing that success with our staff, our clients and our family. If you love what you do, you can’t help having fun at it. And we love what we do.

  5. Design Excellence + Passion

    Always seeking because we are curious. Exercising quality assurance because we care. Being professionally involved because we are passionate. Designing for the future because we want a better world.

  6. Hard Work + Commitment

    We love knowing that our hard work and commitment has helped our clients achieve their goals. Through the decades this value holds true. We are committed to our practice, our clients, and each other.

  7. Teamwork + Relationships

    Success is so much sweeter when it is shared. Every project involves a team, and when relationships are forged over time, the project and client benefits. We are a people business with teamwork and relationships at our core.

  8. Continuous Education + Improvement

    Learning never ends. We make sure of it by budgeting training and education for each person, mentoring, and sharing cross-discipline experiences. Improving continuously.