New Building Design

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Before a single foundation is poured or a wall goes up, critical decisions for new building design must be made. Where? When? How? What materials are best? Who are the users? Owners looking to create new structures should be confident that their engineer and architect team will consider these types of factors in the most efficient way.

With more than 230 years of collective experience in structural design, our dedicated team of structural engineers know the nuances of new building and structure design. Reid Middleton can help provide feasibility analysis for new structures, and then provide the building’s structural system. We can help the architect and design team select materials that suit the building owner, occupants, and intended use of the facility – from an aesthetic, longevity, and seismic standpoint. The range of structures we design includes:

  • Fire Stations
  • Waterfront Structures
  • Education (K-12)
  • Pier and Pile Foundation Systems
  • Parking Structures
  • Unique Structures
  • Office
  • Medical Office

0230+ years of collective new design expertise

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UAA Engineering Building, Skybridge, & Parking Garage

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It comes down to experience — past and current. Our experience with new building design comes from more than 230 collective years of expertise from the structural engineeing braintrust. This collective braintrust spans multiple project types, climates, and delivery methods. We enjoy seeing dreams become reality.

Pairing Client Vision with Experience: Engineers at Reid Middleton are able to draw upon the firm’s extensive experience to provide structural solutions that work. We strive to accommodate the owner’s & architect’s vision, while considering construction methods and sequences of construction. We work for a wide range of clients, from general contractors to architects to government agencies.

Cold Region Considerations: Reid Middleton engineers have been designing projects in Alaska for 30 years – we have hands-on experience on the issues that face design and construction in remote Arctic/Subarctic locations, including:

  • The logistics of getting construction materials to the site
  • Availability and cost of materials
  • Availability of skilled labor
  • Short construction seasons
  • Winter construction techniques
  • Temperature extremes and the impact on differential movement in structures and the selection of appropriate construction materials
  • Foundation design in poor soil or permafrost
  • Need to pre-fabricate or “modularize” construction to minimize on-site construction labor and time.