Birchwood Elementary

  • Location Bellingham, WA
  • Client Dykeman Architects
  • Owner Bellingham Public Schools
  • Educating our Young

    The new Birchwood Elementary School is designed to maximize flexibility in teaching.

  • Iconic Library Entrance

    The old outside is the new inside.

From old school to new. Bellingham Public Schools needed to decide whether to upgrade an existing elementary school built in 1928, or replace the building with a new one. Reid Middleton did a seismic evaluation and found multiple seismic deficiencies; then provided the school district with a variety of upgrade options. Realizing that it was more cost-effective to rebuild the school, they selected Dykeman Architects to design the new school with Reid Middleton providing structural engineering for the new wood and steel building and separate outdoor covered play area. The school was built in nearly the same location as the original. In fitting with its name, birchwood finishes are incorporated throughout the interior. The exterior entrance of the 1928 school was reused as the new library entrance.