The Beat Goes On

Retirements are a great part of working for a great firm. Reid Middleton enjoys a foundation of long-term employees as discussed in some of our previous blogs such as “Low Turnover Rates a Plus in A/E Industry”. Part of that culture means we get to celebrate the next phase of life’s journey with people we have known for many years. This month we will celebrate the retirement of two of our long term employees – Mike Wallace and Kelli Owen. There have been several other retirements over the last few years, but key to our success is our great staff who we are constantly developing and mentoring to replace those that retire – and ensure the Reid Middleton beat goes on.

Another 64 Years

In some ways, this song represents our philosophy, our character, our way of doing business at Reid Middleton. We strive to be an enduring company – we have been around for 64 years, and we have every intention of being here another 64. As time goes on, we keep the basic beat of our culture going by maintaining integrity, quality, and commitment to our clients and their needs. We work to pass the knowledge gained over the years to our up and coming staff. We are a firm where we are constantly teaching ourselves through in-house sessions and attendances at conferences to improve not only our technical skills, but our project management skill and our culture of doing business. Our goal is that even though we may see long-time staff retire, their knowledge and experiences have been passed down to others – and particularly that the great character of the firm that they helped shaped is maintained.

Katie Handel consulting with Group Director, Hugh Kuyper

With two people retiring this month who helped form the character of Reid Middleton, I am excited to see others in the firm step into new opportunities. I’m hoping they apply the knowledge they have learned and emulate the key characteristics of the company. They are already making their contributions to help the beat go on at Reid Middleton.