Happy New Year!

2013 was a special year for Reid Middleton as we celebrated 60 years in business.  Our theme “Celebrating the Past – Building the Future” helped us connect to our history and inspired us as we plan our future. It was fun celebrating throughout the year with an assortment of smaller internal socials and competitions and ending with our capstone open house events in Everett and Anchorage.  Our open houses allowed us to thank our clients and colleagues for being a part of Reid Middleton. Both are paramount to our past and future success.

Staff Events

As I think back on 2013, there were several significant news events that affected us and our business climate in general:

Federal Budget

Finally passed in March of 2013 (for the fiscal year that started in October 2012), it put a real pinch on our federal clients.  They didn’t know what their budgets would be and then needed to spend 12 months’ worth of project money in six months, while having to reduce staff work days because of required furloughs.  For 2014,  it seems Congress learned some lessons, passing a 2014 budget at the end of 2013, giving our clients better clarity and ability to execute in the coming year.

Affordable Care Act

Though the rollout was beleaguered, the realities are starting to get implemented.  Reid Middleton has always provided 100 percent employer-paid health insurance as a staff benefit; we now pay a two percent surcharge to help reduce insurance costs for other Americans.  I hope the big picture positives anticipated by the Act – affordable healthcare for all, and a reduction in the growth of medical costs for all – truly come to pass.

Boeing and the 777X

This was a controversial process with a large company shopping governments and labor for the best location (financially) for a major program.  Reid Middleton’s corporate office is located in Snohomish County, home to the 777X production facility. We are grateful that Washington state passed the necessary tax incentives, and most recently the local International Association of Machinists members agreed to Boeing’s contract offer to keep the 777X in Washington.  It will keep our local economy moving forward and avoid the possible consequences of the 777X program moving to another part of the country.

U.S. Energy Production

With new technologies, the U.S. is moving toward becoming a petroleum exporter.  For Alaska, the vision of transitioning from crude oil production to selling natural gas is being undercut by the lower production costs in the lower 48 – making the financing for a natural gas pipeline from the North Slope less likely.

Reid Middleton has grown in 2013.  Our Honolulu (opened in 2012) and Anchorage offices hired new staff and, in December, we opened a new Spokane office to provide better service to our clients in the Inland Empire (look for our official opening soon).

As we build our future through 2014, we look forward to continuing our relationships with great clients, team partners, colleagues, and even competitors that keep us working hard. Thank you for being a part of Reid Middleton’s first 60 years.  We look forward to building exciting opportunities together into the future.