Traffic Signals & Illumination

When there’s a lot going on at an intersection

Deciding when, where, and how to place a traffic signal and illumination to maximize safety and efficiency can be a complex task. Clients need to be able to trust their consulting engineers to successfully drive the process forward through the details.

With 30 years of providing traffic signal and illumination expertise, our dedicated team of traffic engineers understand the nuances of designing these systems. Reid Middleton can help establish priorities, coordinate between multiple agencies, design details, and oversee the construction of these traffic safety elements to make the necessary improvements along roadways and routes. We customize our level of support to the needs and desires of the client and project.

The range of traffic signal services we provide includes:

  • Traffic data collection
  • Traffic modeling
  • Signal warrant analysis
  • Signal design
  • Pedestrian crossing signal design
  • Illumination design
  • Bid document preparation
  • Post-construction monitoring

060+ traffic signal systems designed

030 years of providing traffic signal system service

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Before the Light Turns,
Let’s Get into Some Details

We have worked with many municipalities and counties, preparing contract documents for multi-modal, illumination, and traffic signal improvements on local roadways, arterials, and state routes that required multi-agency coordination. A partial list of clients includes the cities of Redmond, Edmonds, Everett, Seattle, Lake Forest Park, and Monroe, as well as Snohomish, Whatcom, and Skagit Counties. We have also prepared design directly for WSDOT on a variety of projects, including traffic signals and channelization improvements on state routes and interstate ramps. Our team has detailed knowledge of WSDOT procedures, and we are well-versed with their design review processes and construction standards. From our past and present contracts, we have first-name working relationships with WSDOT traffic staff to help move our projects forward. We have also held on-call agreements with numerous clients.

Reid Middleton’s reputation for excellence in engineering and design efficiency with complex projects stems from a history of client satisfaction and projects completed on-time and within budget. Our transportation staff have designed more than 60 traffic signal systems and routinely model traffic using Synchro®, SIMTRAFFIC®, and HCM®. Reid Middleton staff also utilize AGI 32® software for illumination design for its user-friendly output capabilities.

Many of Reid Middleton’s high-volume roadway and intersection projects require phasing to sequence the improvements utilizing detour signage. Reid Middleton has prepared numerous signing plans to support smooth transition of traffic flow during construction as well as the ultimate project signage.

Many of our projects include elements that improved the safety and operation of roadways. Features have included both passive and physical measures designed to reduce speeds and improve traffic operations and mitigate collision issues. Our experience is full spectrum; beginning with initial data collection and including alternative analysis to bid document assembly. We are experienced in working with the client during the construction phase, including contractor reference checks, submittal review, pay requests, daily observation, and preparing punch lists. We also routinely provide follow-on monitoring to check on the performance and operation of new facilities after completion. We truly care about our projects and their function.