Roadways & Intersections

Designing the Movement of People

Transporting people safely and efficiently on roadways is a big task for city, county, and state agencies. Officials must be able to rely on their consulting and design engineers to create roadways and intersections that promote safe, efficient movement of people while balancing environmental elements, multiple modes of transport, and aesthetics.

Having performed roadway and intersection engineering services for more than 25 years, our team of transportation engineers understand the nuances of designing safe, efficient roadways for a variety of users. Reid Middleton can help improve roadways, add bike lanes or sidewalks, upgrade utility infrastructure, enhance crosswalks, to create safer traveled ways. The types of roadway projects we provide consulting and design include:

  • Urban & Rural Roads
  • State Routes
  • Boulevards
  • Pavement Rehabilitation & Reconstruction

025+ years providing roadway and
intersection design

0100 miles of road constructed

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Second & Lincoln Intersection Improvements

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Before you start your journey,
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Reid Middleton has been designing improvements for urban and rural roadways and intersections since 1986. One of the takeaways from our experience over the years is the realization that roadways are the fabric that knit communities together. Their functionality can largely define the quality of life for a community. As communities grow, providing safe and reliable roadways for transportation becomes ever more challenging. The need to accommodate all modes of travel has become the norm. At Reid Middleton, our approach to roadway design is not just about moving vehicles but about moving people in a safe and efficient manner, regardless of their mode of travel. We take pride not only in the quality of our design, but in the quality of its function after construction, as the latter is what communities experience and live with on a daily basis.

Intersection Solutions: Intersections are the defining characteristic of a roadway’s overall level of operation. It is often at intersections where operational breakdowns begin to occur. Reid Middleton staff are adept at diagnosing operational deficiencies at intersections, whether dealing with unsignalized or signalized intersections, or roundabouts. We possess the experience to identify the most critical needs as well as the knowledge and software tools to develop the most reliable and cost-effective solutions.

Multimodal Improvements: Connecting communities with safe and reliable non-motorized facilities such as sidewalks, multi-use paths, bike lanes, and bus stops is a major focus of our roadway design. Whether considering the needs of commuters, recreational users, or the disabled we tailor our designs to accommodate all users. Our knowledge of ADA standards allows us to apply underlying design principles to fit unconventional circumstances where needed for compliancy. We work collaboratively with diverse stakeholders to achieve lasting success.