Site Development

Before the Building

It all starts with good site development. A building needs a level plot, utilities, and storm water management. We work with the existing site topography to carefully shape the land to meet the owner and architects vision while striving to maintain the natural topography and drainage. Not all sites are the same and require careful planning and understanding of expectations and criteria to develop each unique site solution. Our design services that support site development includes:


  • Stormwater Management
  • Domestic Water
  • Fire Protection
  • Sanitary Sewer
  • Parking
  • ADA Access
  • Permitting
  • Grading & Paving
  • Erosion Control
  • Construction Cost Preparation
  • Site Planning

078,000 linear feet of designed water, storm, and sewer in the last 5 years

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Reid Middleton has a rich history of providing comprehensive site planning, development, and permitting services for public and private sector clients. From feasibility analysis and master planning to detailed site engineering and construction assistance, Reid Middleton has demonstrated a solid record of performance in meeting our client’s needs within budget and on time while making the experience of working together as successful as the project itself.

Site Planning: Site planning is an important part to site development. This is an opportunity to think about future developments and uses of the site and plan for it.

Stormwater Management: Reid Middleton routinely provides storm water drainage design for our site civil and transportation improvement projects. Our storm water designs often include conveyance, flow control, and water quality facilities. With a diversity of project types situated in a wide array of challenging settings, we have built a deep resume of drainage projects that used innovative ways to incorporate low impact, natural drainage practices (NDP) where appropriate.

Permitting: We routinely prepare and review SEPA and NEPA environmental analyses. Preparing SEPA checklists, expanded checklists, environmental impact statements and addenda for a variety of projects supplies clients with informed environmental review. Our experience in working with multi-disciplinary teams allows us to effectively manage analyses requiring technical studies related to civil engineering, hydrology, geotechnical feasibility, wetlands, fisheries, traffic, and noise and air quality. As a firm, Reid Middleton can prepare engineering, hydrology, and traffic studies in-house. This reduces the number of firms a client must use to complete large projects.