Skagit Lumber Manufacturing Facility

  • Location Burlington, WA
  • Client Sierra Pacific Industries
  • Win + Win

    A facility meeting the client’s needs and a County gaining much needed jobs.

  • From Waste to Energy

    Wood waste is converted to energy for homes.

A positive economic impact for Skagit County. Sierra Pacific Industries was looking to open a third manufacturing facility in Washington State. Reid Middleton provided grading, paving, storm drainage, stormwater detention ponds and stormwater quality treatment ponds, railroad sidings, water and sanitary sewer system design, and permitting assistance for this 62-acre site. Stormwater runoff from the log yard and mill site meets NPDES Industrial Stormwater General Permit (ISGP) stormwater permit testing requirements with no violations to date. The facility also includes a 28-megawatt cogeneration facility that uses scrap lumber for fuel and powers the entire plant. It produces enough energy to sell back to the electrical grid to power 150,000 local homes and businesses. Sierra Pacific Industries has a property that fits their needs and Skagit County gained an increased tax base and jobs. Reid Middleton continues to support the site with railroad design.