West Capitol Campus Drainage Plan

  • Location Olympia, WA
  • Client Washington Department of Enterprise Services
  • Saving the Trees & Vision

    A solution to save the dying trees honored the original vision.

  • Preserving History

    The drainage master plan helps preserve the legacy landscape design.

A comprehensive plan. The campus was in serious need of a drainage master plan to fix existing problems, bring the drainage system to current code requirements, and support future development. Reid Middleton prepared a campus-wide drainage system map based on available information, then visited the site to compare the drainage map with the actual conditions. A survey crew verified invert depths of some drain pipes. As a stand-alone document, the drainage master plan is well-coordinated with other current master plans for the campus, including the 2006 Master Plan for the Capitol of the State of Washington and the 2009 West Capitol Campus Historic Landscape Preservation Master Plan. This plan also provides design concepts and guidelines to respond to the 2006 Master Plan for the planned redevelopment areas and provides Low Impact Development options, such as bioretention cells and planters for stormwater management while implementing the landscape preservation master plan. The result is a drainage master plan that can be combined with other master plans into a comprehensive master plan for the West Capitol Campus.