Replace Fish Tunnel at Naval Base Kitsap (NBK) Railroad

  • Location Bangor, WA
  • Client Fraser & Fogle Architects
  • Owner U.S. Navy - NAVFAC Northwest
  • Zero Impact

    Built with no impact to railroad traffic.

  • Run, Salmon, Run!

    Greatly enhanced proper fish passage for migratory fish.

Promoting salmon recovery. A failed culvert underneath an important railroad serving the U.S. Navy posed a safety and operational risk. The replacement culvert was designed to comply with the WDFW requirements for fish passage.

The railroad embankment at this location is over 70-feet high, posing extremely challenging construction conditions and demanding careful geotechnical and civil design using trenchless technologies. Design of the fish tunnel culvert applied an innovative use of pilot-hole grout arch construction providing ground improvement which allowed safe construction of the tunnel.

The new culvert was built with no impact to railroad traffic and greatly enhanced fish passage through the area. This contributed significantly to the Navy’s mission with uninterrupted use of the Railroad.