Our Journey to 70 Years…

…started with Jim Reid, a civil engineer, and Leroy Middleton, a land surveyor. As Reid Middleton, Inc. commemorates our 70th year, we reflect on the results of our dedicated and hardworking staff and clients.

Our theme and logo, “Journey to 70,” recognizes the adventure of the last 70 years; all the twists and turns, celebrations, and challenges our firm has experienced, while recognizing that our journey continues!

A Great Place to Work

Throughout the years, our staff has built a great culture. In 2022, based on employee input, we ranked 8th in the Best Places to Work for mid-sized firms in Washington State.

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An Enduring Company

As a 100% employee-owned company, we’ve focused on extending the firm’s practice and legacy into future years. We have successfully transitioned through four leaders. We are committed to keeping Reid Middleton an independent firm and allowing our staff and shareholders to determine their own destiny.

We go where our clients need us

Although we always enjoy working locally, our geographic reach has expanded greatly since 1953. With offices 2,500 miles apart on the West Coast, we routinely work on the East Coast, throughout the United States, and in the past 20 years our staff have worked on projects in all seven continents.

Navigating the COVID pandemic

We’re so grateful to our staff and clients who endured the pandemic with us. Shared experiences (both the good and the challenging) bring people together.

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As we journey on throughout 2023, we look forward to continuing our relationships with great clients, team partners, and colleagues. Thank you for being a part of Reid Middleton’s first 70 years.

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