Building Information Modeling

Parametric 3-D Design for a 3-D World

Reid Middleton offers experience in the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) on a variety of projects to create three-dimensional, dynamic building models to increase the productivity in building design and construction and to strengthen communication, collaboration and coordination between the design team members, contractors, and owners. We use Autodesk’s Revit® software program, as it’s compatible with other modeling and design software.

Since 2005, we have used Revit®, for projects totaling more than 2 million square feet. As a shared knowledge resource, we have created BIM models for numerous architects, clients, and subconsultants to improve a project’s design and construction.

010000000+ SF of structure designed using BIM



Clash Detection: By using BIM, we can use clash detection to determine beforehand if mechanical/electrical systems or architectural features interfere with our structural design (beams, columns, shear walls, etc.). Noticing these conflicts across multiple disciplines before construction saves time and money from potentially costly change orders.

Real-Time Updates: Our engineers use the Revit/Autodesk cloud services to see real-time updates by all disciplines, which makes it easier to coordinate design options and design changes on-the-fly.

Seeing Leads to Greater Understanding: Perhaps the greatest benefit of BIM is seeing 3-D visual renderings and walkthrough options of how a client’s project is taking form (in the mind of the designer), which helps the design team and owner align their objectives. Showing a proposed design in 3-D or an area where ductwork interferes with a beam speaks volumes that the “old days” of a hand-sketch or 2-D plan work can’t easily address.


Naval Medical Center San Diego, CA

Burj Khalifa REAP and SMS Services, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

University of Alaska, Anchorage Skybridge

Morse Lake Pumping Plant, Seattle Public Utilities

Whatcom Middle School Reconstruction

Charleston Gate, Naval Base Kitsap, Bremerton, WA