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Checking the Code, Improving Safety

Before buildings receive permits allowing construction in various cities, the drawings must be carefully reviewed to ensure they comply with various building codes, with the goal of protecting public safety. Understanding the building codes and how they apply to various structural materials is key to constructing safe buildings the public resides in for work, home, or recreation.
With 20 years of providing plan review services, our licensed structural engineers know the importance of thoroughly checking drawings for code compliance. Reid Middleton has extensive experience with building code compliance review of commercial, institutional, waterfront, industrial, and multifamily and mixed-use residential projects. We also have experience reviewing highly-specialized and unique structures. Reid Middleton can provide code compliant services to support the responsibilities of city building departments.

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Our team is well-versed in the provisions of the International Building Code, the International Existing Building Code, and their reference standards. We routinely perform structural and code compliance reviews for a variety of commercial, industrial, institutional, residential, site development, and mixed-use projects. We have provided code compliance plan review services for the Municipality of Anchorage, and cities of Bellevue, Portland, Redmond, Renton, Auburn, Seattle and Tukwila; King County, Washington State University (WSU); and the Port of Seattle’s Airport Building Department.

Structural Designers & Code Reviewers: Reid Middleton combines structural engineers and building code review experts. Unlike typical plan review firms that provide review services solely, Reid Middleton has a successful structural engineering practice that is broad and far-reaching. Our staff is regularly involved in reviewing, analyzing, and designing many challenging and unique structures, including buildings, bridges, waterfront facilities, and below-grade structures with elements such as temporary and permanent shoring systems, culverts, and vaults. Also, because of our extensive and successful history of municipal work, we are well-versed in local, municipality-specific design standards and requirements. Our broad design experience, coupled with our comprehensive knowledge of related design codes, gives us the ability to perform a thorough and efficient code compliance review that few firms can match.

Clear Communication: Reid Middleton’s engineers are supported by a team of professional editors. These editors review the letters and edit them so the writing is clear to both technical and non-technical audiences. This process helps each letter communicate its conclusions to both the engineers who will respond to it and also to the owners, developers, and public agencies who guide the broader process.

Broad Support for Our Clients: Reid Middleton’s engineers offer support for building departments that can go beyond typical review of drawings and calculations. We take an active role in assisting clients with development of local standards, code training, pre-application meetings, pre-construction meetings, and community meetings, when requested. Our expertise and experience allow us to work broadly when needed to get jurisdictions the help they need.