Building Renovations / Tenant Improvements

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Change is inevitable, even for buildings. Building owners may change the use of the building, need new doors or windows, or different heating/cooling equipment on the roof – all requiring structural modifications. Owners should be able to trust that their engineer will provide the best solution while minimizing impact to operations and appearance.

Reid Middleton routinely provides structural engineering support for the renovation and upgrade of existing buildings. Projects have included renovations, repairs, upgrades and additions. Reid Middleton engineers are knowledgeable of building codes for existing structures, such as the International Existing Building Code and ASCE 41-13 for the Evaluation and Seismic Upgrade of Existing Structures. The range of building renovation/tenant improvement services we provide includes:

  • Historic structure renovations
  • Retrofit solutions that accommodate architectural and mechanical upgrades
  • Structural support and anchorage of mechanical equipment
  • Renovations for retail/hospitality, schools, hospitals/medical facilities
  • Building code-mandated renovations triggered by additions or tenant improvements
  • Voluntary seismic upgrades

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Change in Use: Changes in use of a facility can require new design loads larger than for which the building was originally designed. Changes of use to a higher hazard level can also trigger a mandatory seismic evaluation and upgrade. Reid Middleton works with the Architect at the onset of the project to identify those proposed upgrades or improvements to the building that could trigger potentially costly structural upgrades and recommend solutions that minimize the cost of the structural upgrades or improvements. Reid Middleton’s intent is to direct as much of the project funding into visible improvements to the facility versus structural upgrades.

Unique Challenges: Renovation and strengthening of existing structures presents a number of unique challenges, and in many ways renovation design demands more of the designer than a new structure. Reid Middleton has experience in renovating structures to facilitate project phasing, minimize tenant disruption, and preserve historic value.

Tenant Improvements: Reid Middleton provides professional design services required to convert or improve tenant spaces ranging from single tenant spaces to entire buildings. We coordinate with architectural, mechanical, and other design consultants to determine whether structural revisions to the building are required to support new equipment, openings, and design components. Structural design for tenant improvement ranges from designing support for a sliding glass door and ceiling soffit framing, to anchorage of shelves, signage, bookcases, and displays.