World Trade Center Dubai & Burj Khalifa

  • Location Dubai, UAE
  • Client Kinemetrics
  • Owner Municipality of Dubai
  • A City-Sized Structure

    Maintaining business continuity for 30,000 workers.

  • Avoiding the Heat, Avoiding Disaster

    Preventing evacuations in 100+ degree heat.

100+ degrees and 30,000 people. The Municipality of Dubai owns the Burj Khalifa (world’s tallest building) and the Dubai World Trade Center; high-profile facilities for the country’s economy. Maintaining business operations after a disaster and avoiding unnecessary evacuations of 30,000 building occupants in a harsh climate is paramount.

To address this risk, Reid Middleton performed a seismic evaluation of the facilities, and then worked with Kinemetrics to install a seismic monitoring system (SMS) and Rapid Evaluation & Assessment Program (REAP) in these facilities so that after an earthquake or large-scale disaster, building officials can immediately assess the condition of these structures to determine if they’re safe to occupy, functional, and operational.