Tukwila Building Seismic Screening

  • Location Tukwila, WA
  • Client City of Tukwila
  • Taking Public Safety Seriously

    The City of Tukwila proactively sought to minimize seismic concerns.

  • Tukwila's 12th Man

    Reid Middleton tackled 11 of the city’s building’s seismic deficiencies.

Charting a course of action. The City of Tukwila wanted to understand the seismic vulnerability of 11 of their older buildings, each of which have a significant role in the community. Reid Middleton began the process by conducting FEMA 154 Rapid Visual screenings on all 11 buildings. The results from the screenings were used to rank the buildings based on their seismic risk. Reid Middleton then conducted ASCE 31-03 Tier 1 evaluations to give the city more detailed information on their seismic condition. Reid Middleton then conducted ASCE 31-03 Tier 3 detailed seismic evaluations on Fire Stations 51 and 54, Tukwila City Hall, Tukwila Community Center, and the Public Works Building. The results from these evaluations were used to help the city determine the best course of action for each building.