Tambark Creek Elementary School

  • Location Everett, WA
  • Owner Everett Public School District
  • Thinking Ahead

    Design was laid out to allow future growth.

  • The More the Merrier

    Classrooms can be easily added to a wing that was built short.

Good to grow. Reid Middleton was the structural engineer for the design of a new, 73,000 SF elementary school.  The design used structural steel framing throughout the building to maximize durability and future flexibility and minimize potential maintenance costs.  The structural steel framing used special concentric braced frames to achieve high seismic performance, constructability, and reasonable cost.  The design was laid out on a site that is also expected to hold a future high school, so layout was critical to maximize future flexibility. Underground detention vaults were included in the project.  The school was also designed to allow future expansion. One of the wings was built short, allowing a simple future extension to add classrooms by bringing the wing to match the length of the other wing.