Tacoma Fire Department Seismic Assessments

  • Location Tacoma, WA
  • Client City of Tacoma
  • Assessing Seismic Safety

    Nearly two dozen fire facilities screened for seismic hazard.

Seismic screenings for stations. The City of Tacoma understands that the safety and operability of its fire stations are critical to maintaining service to citizens after an earthquake. To that end, Reid Middleton performed rapid visual seismic screening of 22 of the City’s fire facilities to determine an overall seismic hazard score for each facility. Preliminary seismic evaluations were performed on these facilities in accordance with ASCE 31-03. Reid Middleton also performed concept-level seismic retrofits and/or upgrades design to improve the seismic deficiencies noted from the seismic screening and seismic evaluations.  Concept design was performed for those buildings where seismic retrofit and/or upgrades appeared feasible and warranted due to the emergency services importance and/or historic nature of the facility.