Shilshole Bay Marina

  • Location Seattle, WA
  • Owner Port of Seattle
  • 350 Live-aboards

    New sailboat docks provide moorage for 350 liveaboards.

  • Recreational Riches

    Port’s renewed marina provides abundant recreational and retail opportunities.

Magnificent Marina. The old facility, built in the 1960’s was too large for the site and didn’t function well, was seismically unsafe, and lacked street prominence. Reid Middleton provided marina planning and design services for the renovation and expansion of an existing 1,500-slip marina at the Shilshole Bay Marina. The project included a phased replacement and expansion of 21 floating-dock systems over a three-year period. The planning and design focused on providing a state-of-the-art, customer-service-oriented marina that will last the next 50 years. Reid Middleton evaluated and analyzed recent market studies of boating and manufacturing trends to design the preferred layout plan for the project. Reid Middleton also provided planning and design of a small boat sailing center in support of a premier sailing club and racing facility. Reid Middleton developed performance specifications for the float systems and designed all piling, utility, potable water, fire protection, electrical, and sanitary sewer systems. The project included full float amenities and access facilities, such as security gates and gangways. Reid Middleton’s phasing plan was designed to minimize relocation of and disruption to existing tenants during the replacement of the existing floats. Now, locals and visitors from around the world enjoy recreational and shopping opportunities at a beautifully-redesigned marina setting on Puget Sound.


  • Civic Design Merit Award, AIA Washington