Seattle City Light Operations Center

  • Location Seattle, WA
  • Client Seattle City Light
  • Always On

    415,000 homes and businesses need consistent power.

  • At the Controls

    Managing risk through seismic investigation, evaluation, and upgrade design.

Power continuity. Seattle City Light needed to understand the seismic risk of their Operations Center, an important facility for restoring power to more than 415,000 customers. Reid Middleton performed a site investigation, seismic evaluation, and concept upgrade design for System Operations Center. The two-story concrete, steel, and CMU building houses a control room and critical power management infrastructure. The report identified non-structural seismic improvements in the electrical and mechanical systems and in ceilings and other finishes. Non-structural seismic upgrades were a key part of the discussion, since these elements represent a potentially significant percentage of the construction cost and schedule.