Sea-Tac Seismic Improvements

  • Location Seatac, WA
  • Client Port of Seattle
  • Seismic Safety Zone

    Assessed seismic risk at North & South Satellite terminals.

  • Earthquake? The Port's got your back.

    Travelling through Sea-Tac, the only thing you should worry about is catching your flight.

Sizing up resilience. The 42 million passengers travelling through Sea-Tac Airport each year probably never think once about the seismic risk of the airport, but the Port of Seattle does. In order to assess the vulnerability of this essential facility and determine the first steps to take in mitigating seismic risk, the Port of Seattle hired Reid Middleton to prepare a comprehensive report outlining the seismic risk associated with each of the airport’s terminal buildings. Reid Middleton performed seismic evaluations, determined the relative level of seismic risk, and assessed seismic retrofit feasibility for Concourses B, C, and D; and the North and South Satellite terminal buildings. Several concept level design approaches and cost estimates were created to determine overall project objectives and feasibility; these were presented to Sea-Tac Airport executives to decide on a final approach.