Retsil Veteran’s Home Boiler Plant

  • Location Retsil, WA
  • Client Washington State Dept. of Enterprise Services
  • Keeping Our Veterans Comfortable

    Upgraded the circa 1910 building’s heating system.

  • Strength in Care

    Rebuilt the masonry structure as economical alternative.

Serving those who served. The Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs needed a modern boiler plant to provide heat and hot water to serve its resident veterans at the Retail nursing care facility, a 40-bed neighborhood. Reid Middleton provided civil engineering and structural engineering for the seismic upgrade of the boiler plant. While several seismic retrofit options were evaluated, the engineering team chose to rebuild a masonry structure, as it was the most economical alternative. The building is 27′-6″ high at the boiler area and steps down to 15′-6″ high at the new generator and maintenance shop area. As a result of the project, nursing care staff and veterans don’t have to worry about the infrastructure that makes their lives easier and more comfortable.