Port of Seattle Terminal 18 Fender Piling Inspection & Replacement

  • Location Seattle, WA
  • Client Port of Seattle
  • Shiver Me Timbers!

    With new timber fender systems protecting the dock and ships, mooring is now a safe endeavor.

  • Flip-Flop in the Rip-Rap

    New piling was driven into existing holes in a complex rip-rap slope.

Damage Prevention. The Port of Seattle needed to replace 2,100 feet of deteriorated and damaged fender piles at Container Berths 4 and 5 at Terminal 18. Reid Middleton provided engineering services, which included field inspection of the damaged timber fender piling and support system to the main wharf structure, construction cost estimates, design of new fender system, and development of a mitigation plan. The rip-rap slope required that the new piling be driven into the same holes as the existing piling. The piles were procured separately to save time and money for the Port. The project was phased to allow operations and meet restricted installation periods due to migratory salmon fish windows. The new design improved performance of the fender system and resolved long-term problems that had occurred at the facility due to the existing fender system design. All work was done in a way to minimize disruption and allow continuous operation of Terminal 18.