Port of Everett Riverside Business Park Bike Trail Exhibits

  • Location Everett, WA
  • Client Port of Everett
  • Protecting 2-Wheeled Transportation

    With new site development taking place on this former Weyerhaeuser property, the City now has one more vital piece of property access to plug into their Shoreline Public Access Plan.

  • Pleased as Punch Pedal Pushers

    This survey made it possible for the city to complete construction of designed and proposed segments of the Riverfront Trail.

It might not be the Tour de France, but the trails in Riverside Business Park are part of an extensive network of velocipede thoroughfare in Everett. As the Port of Everett prepared to transfer right of way and title to the City of Everett to design and construct new sections of the Shoreline Trail, they needed to establish agreements to meet the conditions of the Shoreline Public Access Plan. The Port asked Reid Middleton to provide legal descriptions and exhibits for six lots and one right-of-way tract. Reid Middleton also assisted in successful negotiations to transfer title to the City of Everett.