Paradise Inn Annex & Snowbridge

  • Location Mount Rainier National Park, WA
  • Owner National Park Service
  • Restoring Paradise

    Protecting a historic landmark from snow and seismic events.

  • Working through the Winter

    Design was carefully planned to minimize loss of service for the guest rooms.

Making a Historic Structure Safe for the Future. The Paradise Inn complex is at the heart of Mount Rainier’s Paradise Historic District. The Annex and Snowbridge provide lodging to thousands of visitors each week during the summer season. However, the historic structure did not meet modern seismic standards and showed damage from extreme winter snow loads. Reid Middleton provided structural engineering for repairs that preserved the historic building and minimized disruption. Replacing the stone foundation involved shoring the building in the air, removing existing foundations, and building a new reinforced concrete foundation. To address stringent historic criteria, we cataloged and removed the exterior faces of the existing stone wall. These were later reinstalled in the same locations to preserve the wall’s appearance. The project extends the lifespan of the building and adds an invisible layer of seismic safety.