Orting Steam Plant Seismic Retrofit

  • Location Orting, WA
  • Client Washington State Dept. of Enterprise Services
  • Safely Supplying Steam

    Historic steam plant gets seismic retrofit.

  • On Solid ground? - Not

    Grouting improved soil strength.

On the homefront. The Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs needed to ensure the steam plant built in 1936 to serve the veterans receiving nursing care at the Soldier’s Home in Orting would continue operating safely, despite the risk of earthquakes. Reid Middleton designed a seismic retrofit for the building, and compaction grouting improved the ground material to mitigate the potential for liquefaction for the building, which is founded on a historic mud flow. Established in 1891, this campus is one of the first three built for Washington State veterans. It carries historical significance, just like the veterans it continues serving.