Natural Resources Building Parking Garage Waterproofing Investigation, Olympia, WA

  • Location Olympia, WA
  • Client Washington State Dept. of Enterprise Services
  • Environmental Protection for Environmental Protectors

    How rain caused an environmental agency to worry about water intrusion.

  • No Rainchecks

    Under an On-Call contract, DES quickly brought Reid Middleton on deck.

Investigating intrusion. The Washington Department of Enterprises (DES) owns and operates the Natural Resources building and parking garage, which experienced water intrusion over its life, andĀ DES needed to know whether any structural members in the parking garage had corroded to an unsafe level. Reid Middleton performed the waterproofing structural investigation. The three partial sub-grade garage levels consists of precast hollow core planks with concrete topping that are supported by steel beams, columns, concrete walls, footings and piling. The objective of the investigation was to determine how long-term serviceability of the parking garage may be affected by damage to the waterproofing system and structural members due to corrosion and water infiltration. Reid Middleton prepared a report summarizing our findings and recommendations for addressing the long-term serviceability of the parking garage.