McTavish Trail Improvements

  • Location Bellevue, WA
  • Client Barker Landscape Architects
  • Owner City of Bellevue
  • Trails, Trees, and Trekkers

    Wooded trails in this highly developed city are a lifestyle amenity.

  • Great Workout

    With a lot of up and down elevation changes, this trail is a really good walking work out.

A park preserved. A community in Bellevue came together to preserve a wooded area to be kept as trail and open space. Visitors can meander on steep slopes and cross small trickling streams on sturdy bridges. Reid Middleton provided structural engineering for trail improvements at McTavish Trail consisting of a new boardwalk structure and stairs. The boardwalk is held up by a pair of pin pile-supported Diamond Piers; one on each side of the boardwalk. Pressure-treated doug-fir and hem-fir wood products are expected to be used for portions of the structure. Stairs are expected to be supported by the boardwalk at one end, with the other end of each section of stairs being ground-supported.