Lake Terrell Fishing Pier

  • Location Ferndale, WA
  • Client Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • Fishing Without a Boat

    The new pier also allows wheelchair accessibility for fishing.

  • Minimizing Impact

    Special design considerations minimized impacts to the lake habitat.

Fishing for accessibility. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) has a dual mission of protecting habitat and fisheries and providing public access and recreational fishing facilities throughout the State of Washington. WDFW wanted to improve the access to lake Terrell in Whatcom County for fishermen and the general public, including those with disabilities to get out over the water. It was very important that the access facility also avoid or minimize any impacts to the lake habitat. Using agency and grant funds, a new public fishing pier was designed and installed in the picturesque Lake Terrell. Reid Middleton designed the pier with materials that are nontoxic to the lake environment and minimized shading of vegetation on the lake bottom by using grated decking for the entire pier structure. The durable pier structure is designed for high loads from ice conditions within the lake during winter. The pier includes grating that has small openings to meet the American with Disability Access requirements to prevent wheels or canes from being stuck in the grating and low railing sections to provide fishing access for people in wheelchairs.

Lake Terrel Fishing Pier