K’esugi Ken Interpretive Center

  • Location Denali State Park, AK
  • Client ECI/Hyer, Inc.
  • Owner State of Alaska, DOT&PF
  • Safe and Scenic

    A sheltered gathering space for the community to experience the Alaskan wilderness.

Meet, learn, and walk. Reid Middleton provided structural engineering for the K’esugi Ken Interpretive Center. This second phase of the South Denali Visitors Center Complex development features an open shelter-style facility. It has a 3,140 SF covered area to protect the interpretive, informational, and wayfinding resources available there. It also provides an enclosed storage room to house Park Service equipment and supplies. A stone veneer fireplace and seating area is the focal point within the shelter, and several trails extend out to scenic overlooks. Artists gather here to create work to share with others.