Fishermen’s Terminal

  • Location Seattle, WA
  • Owner Port of Seattle
  • Fresh from Fishermen’s Terminal

    Commercial fishermen, recreational boaters, and the public enjoy new waterfront terminal.

Fish, Food, & Fun. To support the needs of commercial fishermen, recreational users, and retail shop owners while meeting environmental regulations, the Port of Seattle hired Reid Middleton to provide conceptual design alternatives for a reconstruction solution at Fishermen’s Terminal.

The early-1900s vintage timber wharf and relieving platform is located in a mixed-use basin. Reid Middleton’s analysis of the existing structure indicated that it was in imminent danger of collapse, requiring emergency rehabilitation. As an added challenge, a number of diverse user groups required specific construction phasing for terminal use.

Reid Middleton provided conceptual alternatives, which accommodated environmental concerns, available funding, and user-group needs. Construction techniques and project phasing were designed to minimize impact to ongoing maritime operations.

Reid Middleton designed the demolition of six docks for reconstruction into fixed and floating docks and the associated dredging necessary for additional depth. The reconfigured basin includes moorage slips for 168 commercial fishing vessels and various fixed and floating side tie moorage for a wide range of vessels. We also facilitated coordination with the Port of Seattle and the Fishermen’s Terminal Advisory Committee.
Additional project services included:

  • Sewer service
  • Stormwater management
  • Dock appurtenances
  • Electrical, water, fire-protection, safety, and access and security systems
  • Upland improvements to support the dock replacement
  • Planning & permitting


  • ACEC Bronze Award for Complexity