Everett High School Auditorium/Cafeteria

  • Location Everett, WA
  • Client Dykeman Architects
  • Owner Everett School District
  • 2 buildings, 1 objective

    Improve the seismic safety for students and teachers.

Seismic strength for students. The Everett School District needed to improve the seismic performance of the cafeteria and commercial buildings at Everett High School. Reid Middleton performed a seismic rehabilitation of the cafeteria and commercial buildings at Everett High School to meet the Life Safety performance objectives using American Society of Civil Engineering 41 Seismic Rehabilitation of Existing Buildings qualifications. The 2-story cafeteria building, constructed in 1939, consists of a steel trussed roof, wood diaphragms and concrete and masonry bearing walls, with wood framed additions on each end of the building. Rehabilitation included strengthening existing connections between walls and diaphragms, and beams and columns. The 3-story commercial building, constructed in 1915 and modernized in 1990, consists of concrete pan joists spanning the interior and exterior concrete bearing walls. Rehabilitation included the addition of steel drag members and concrete shear walls at each end of the building and near the elevator core.