Elevated Water Tanks Seismic Retrofit

  • Location Renton, WA
  • Client GeoEngineers, Inc.
  • Owner City of Renton
  • Securing Drinking Water

    Friction dampers improve 2 water tanks’ seismic performance.

Avoiding a 750,000 gallon catastrophe. The City of Renton owns two elevated water tanks, providing drinking water for its more than 55,000 residents. After the 6.8M Nisqually Earthquake, the City needed to reduce the hazard of these large, vital structures. Reid Middleton provided seismic evaluations and retrofit alternatives to improve the water tanks’ seismic resiliency. Our team designed innovative friction dampers at diagonal brace intersections, allowing the tanks to be designed for Operational Performance under a 475-year earthquake while saving the City $400,000 in retrofit costs compared to traditional methods. As a result, the City can drink easier – er, rest easier – knowing that the elevated tanks are safer and will perform better during earthquakes.