Eek School Addition & Renovation

  • Location Eek, AK
  • Client BDS Architects
  • Owner Lower Kuskokwim School District
  • Space for All

    A larger school can be used by students and the community for gatherings.

  • Repurposing & Reusing Resources

    As much of the existing school structure was incorporated into the addition to reduce the amount of building supplies that needed to be transported to the site.

Unique Solutions for a Uni-Eek school. The Eek community and the Lower Kuskokwim School District needed more space at the Eek School. After the project team conducted a condition assessment of the school nine years ago, the Lower Kuskokwim School District was able to obtain funding for a renovation and addition to the facility. The addition to the school added new space that could also be used for community meetings outside of school hours. Throughout the design and construction process, the team demonstrated creativity and found one-of-a-kind solutions. When damage was found on the exterior floor beams that supported the existing structure, the design team found a structural putty that could repair the damage and was also able to be easily brought to Eek. To limit melting of the existing tundra, the new piles that support the school, exterior tanks, and equipment foundations are kept cold with 113 thermosyphons. This drives the cold into the ground during winter, preventing soil/tundra deterioration and keeping the piles’ strength in frozen ground. The finished project is a school that will serve the students and residents of Eek for years to come!

**Hero image copyright: Wayde Carroll Photography, LLC


  • 2024 Engineer's Week Engineering Excellence Award