Edmonds Waterfront Center

  • Location Edmonds
  • Client Environmental WORKS Community Design Center
  • Owner Edmonds Senior Center
  • Protected & Preserved

    Redeveloped an urban public waterfront site and addressed potential impact from climate change and sea-level rise.

  • A Place for the Community

    Inviting, beautiful, and a great place to gather.

A beautiful place, inside and out. The new Edmonds Waterfront Center is the result of a collaboration between the Edmonds Senior Center and the City of Edmonds. The new facility promotes health and wellness, recreation, and education for people of all ages and abilities.  The building design included an open, two-story lobby and grand staircase. The project features natural and inert building materials, rooftop solar panels, all-electric power, and low-emitting materials. Site improvements also provide universally accessible access from the new parking lot to the facility, walkway, and beach.

Typical shoreline protection elements, such as seawalls and sheet pile walls, perform dual purposes by protecting against sea-level rise while also serving another function. For example, the pocket beach perimeter is made of boulders that protect from wave action and also function as seating, and the stairs and ADA ramps provide beach access while also protecting the dune area from waves. This project both enhances the Edmonds Waterfront and provides a beautiful place for the community to gather and enjoy the indoor and outdoor environments.