Alderwood Elementary School Rebuild

  • Location Bellingham, WA
  • Client Dykeman, Inc.
  • Owner Bellingham School District
  • From Old to New

    The new Alderwood Elementary was a complete replacement of the original school.

  • Ready to Learn

    With plenty of new amenities, students and staff have a brand new place to learn and teach.

New and Improved. The Bellingham School District needed to replace the original Alderwood Elementary school to improve safety and to accommodate the growing number of students and staff. Reid Middleton provided structural design and used wood framing in as many areas as possible and limited the use of structural steel, this helped construction costs stay economical. To keep the campus operational, the school was constructed in five phases. This allowed students to continue to attend classes during the school year. The new elementary school includes classrooms, library, cafeteria, gymnasium, and an outdoor covered play area for students to enjoy. With this A+ environment, who wouldn’t want to go to school everyday?