Afognak Building – Kodiak

  • Location Kodiak, AK
  • Client KPB Architects
  • Owner Afognak Village Corporation
  • Getting Their Money's Worth

    Shareholders now have a place to meet in their new Kodiak headquarters.

  • A Clear Direction

    The 9-member Board of Directors meets monthly in the conference room.

A place of beauty with stunning views, the Afognak Native Corporation’s Kodiak Headquarters building on Near Island serves its shareholders and community with spaces for gathering. While intended primarily for shareholder services, the building has office spaces, full kitchen, a shareholder room, and a conference room where the board of directors meets regularly. Other departments that occupy the facility include land patrol, land and timber, finances, and information technology. The largest space, the shareholder room, has about 3400 SF with floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook St. Herman Harbor, mountains, and downtown Kodiak.

The facility is concrete slab-on-grade with a moment frame lateral system.  To mitigate the problem of shallow bedrock across the site, a foundation system was developed, which uses an efficient combination of small concrete footings and grouted rock anchors.  This proved to be a substantial savings to the owner.