We wish you the very best this holiday season

and if you needed another reason

to enjoy some yummy holiday fare,

here are some recipes for you to make and share!

The Story Behind the Recipes

Tis the season for a little cooking
And maybe even for baking,
But it’s definitely the season for celebrating.
So our employees helped us by submitting
Their favorite holiday dish or treat
For us to test, judge, and eat.

All the recipes were hits, no misses,
But we had to pick one from each of our offices.
We sent them to our engineers for a redline review
Hoping the edits would be few,
But to our dismay we were completely wrong,
And to fix our mistakes would take too long.

So, the above linked recipes represent
A gift given with the best of engineering intent.
Enjoy these holiday treats sweet and savory
That we voted to be the most flavory!