Erik Bishop



Dedicated, passionate, and fun. Erik enjoys collaborating with clients and colleagues to problem solve and develop solutions that get implemented, protect public safety, and serve a societal need.

Whether working on a study, design, or developing an innovative technology, Erik is excited about working towards the end goal of implementing abstract engineering ideas in the heads of engineers into tangible, real-world structures in which we live, work, and play. Erik enjoys the challenge of communicating complex technical ideas in simplified, intuitive ways to allow the team to understand the problem and collaborate on a solution.

Erik is a project engineer with experience in the analysis, design and construction of various types of structural projects with a wide range of materials including reinforced concrete, steel, wood, and masonry. He brings a passion for post-earthquake investigations, work that has taken him across the globe. This passion coupled with his experience has taught Erik how the differences between good seismic design practices and poor seismic design practices influence the performance of structures. As a result, he has enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with building owners, other design disciplines, and contractors to overcome many unique design and construction challenges in order to deliver successful projects. Erik is a published author, speaker and has taught ATC-20 courses.


  • Master of Science, Civil Engineering, University of Washington
  • Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, University of Idaho


  • Professional Engineer: WA / CA
  • Structural Engineer: WA


  • Structural Engineers Association of Washington (SEAW)
  • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
  • SEAW Disaster Preparedness and Response Committee (DPRC)
  • Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI)
  • Society of American Military Engineers (SAME)


  • Housner Fellow, Earthquake Engineering Research Institute

I’d like to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU on behalf of the Seattle Public Schools, Career and Technical Education for your participation in the Emergency Preparedness Summit….The students and teachers left with comments like “this was so amazing, more students should get this information” and “ I am so glad I decided to come to day. I learned valuable information.” The information you provided was relevant, important and necessary.

Susan Grant - Health and Human Services Pathway Specialist, Seattle Public Schools

As civil/structural engineers, we have the opportunity have a real impact in designing more resilient buildings, advocating for seismic safety, and helping our clients better prepare to respond to these disasters. When you think about it, earthquakes are the only man-made “natural disasters”; if we were all lying down in a field, an earthquake would just be the world giving us a massage. It’s the vulnerable infrastructure we build (generally) that is the hazard. Therefore, since the problem is man-made in a sense, we have the opportunity to develop solutions and good designs that solve the problem. That’s exciting.

Erik Bishop - Project Engineer