Disaster Preparedness & Recovery

A Disaster Strikes - Are You Ready?

Preparation is the key to life. Earthquakes, tsunamis, wind storms, floods, fires, and the list goes on. Disasters are inevitable, but our ability to prepare for and recover from them can worsen their negative effects.

Reid Middleton understands disasters; whether it’s an earthquake, tsunami, or fire, our structural and civil engineers can help you prepare (limit damage) and recover from these catastrophes. After large-scale disasters involving buildings, bridges and critical urban infrastructure, assessing the damage and safety of our infrastructure is one of the most important first steps to disaster recovery. ATC-20 and ATC-45 are the de facto standards for post-disaster safety evaluations of buildings. Reid Middleton has led more than 30 ATC-20/45 training classes for clients, and performed more than 1,600 ATC-20/45 building evaluations.

Reid Middleton can help you prepare for disasters and recover from them, so you can more quickly return to normalcy post-disaster. The range of our disaster preparedness and recovery services we provide includes:

  • FEMA 154 Seismic Screening
  • ASCE Seismic Evaluation & Retrofit (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3)
  • Emergency Shoring & Stabilization for Buildings, Bridges, & Other Structures
  • Slide & Slope Stabilization & Repair
  • Post-Disaster Safety Evaluation of Buildings & Structures (ATC -20/45, CAL EMA)
  • Post-Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Post-Earthquake Recovery Services

I’d like to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU on behalf of the Seattle Public Schools, Career and Technical Education for your participation in the Emergency Preparedness Summit….The students and teachers left with comments like “this was so amazing, more students should get this information” and “ I am so glad I decided to come to day. I learned valuable information.” The information you provided was relevant, important and necessary.

Susan Grant, Health and Human Services Pathway Specialist, Seattle Public Schools


032 ATC-20 Classes Taught

01600+ Post-Earthquake Evaluations

020 years worldwide disaster reconnaissance

Whatcom Middle School Fire Recovery

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Earthquake Safety Training (ATC 20/45)

Christchurch Earthquake Response

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Let’s Get You Prepped


It comes down to experience — past and current. For 20 years, our engineers have travelled across the globe, witnessing first-hand the complete destruction that earthquakes and tsunamis have caused. The lessons learned from these disaster reconnaissance missions make us better at teaching others how to prepare – with the aim of preserving lives and property.

ATC-20/45 Post-Disaster Training: Post-Earthquake, Windstorm and Flood Safety Evaluation of Buildings (ATC-20 and ATC-45) is the standard for post-disaster safety evaluations of buildings. ATC-20/45 training is critical for our nation’s disaster preparedness to quickly assess building safety in the aftermath of a major disaster and to communicate that assessment effectively to the public. Taught by Reid Middleton’s structural engineers, these 4-8 hour classes help you develop the necessary skills to properly assess damaged buildings for occupancy and use following a major disaster. Building safety evaluation exercises based on real-life examples of earthquake, tsunami, wind, and landslide damage from significant disasters in the U.S., Taiwan, China, Haiti, Chile, New Zealand and Japan will be presented.

Through Reid Middleton’s training, CAL OES SAP (California Office of Emergency Management Safety Assessment Program) training and certification will be available to licensed architects and engineers and certified building inspectors and officials.

Post-Earthquake Response: If an earthquake just occurred, we can help by providing ATC-20 safety evaluations of your building(s). We’ve posted more than 1,600 buildings, including domestically and internationally.

Fire Recovery: Reid Middleton can provide assistance with fire recovery by creating temporary shoring drawings to allow fire investigation teams to access your building. Building investigations and structural analyses can be done to determine extent of the structural damage and its effect on the stability and safety of the remaining structure. Our structural engineers can also assist with designing repairs to restore your facility.

Rapid Evaluation & Assessment Program: this post-emergency inspection tool helps facility managers determine if their building is safe and operational after a disaster. It reduces uncertainty for both facility managers and support staff. Learn more here.