Genesis of Thoughtful Design

Good project outcomes rarely occur without calculated forethought. Our planners understand the essence of successful master plans that when implemented, fulfill our client’s land use and infrastructure goals.

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Planning has many facets; this is what we do

INVENTORY your assets; what are the “raw materials” we have to work with in developing your master plan?

UNDERSTAND your vision and goals; where do you want to go, by when, and at what cost?

ASSESS the gaps; what improvements to your assets, changes in asset management, or changes in policy will get you from where you are to where you want to be?

APPLY regulations; how will local, state, and federal regulations affect what needs to be done to successfully implement your master plan?

SOLICIT input; what do you and the people you answer to (critical stakeholders?) think about the direction your master plan is going?

DEVELOP alternatives; how many viable roads lead to a potentially successful outcome?

IDENTIFY opportunities and risk; what do you stand to gain by implementing the master plan alternatives and conversely, what types of liabilities do the plans create?

ASK the hard questions; which of the alternatives most effectively addresses your goals and visions while being environmentally responsible and responsive to your stakeholders?


Excellence on the Waterfront Award – Thea Foss Esplanade