Wharf Roundabout Project

  • Location Bellingham, WA
  • Client City of Bellingham
  • Owner City of Bellingham
  • Playing Twister to Avoid a Collision

    A 5-leg intersection of 1 & 2-way roadways was a tangled mess.

  • Gateway to Three Locations

    This way to a state university, a Victorian era destination, & the waterfront district.

Home to one of the state’s top public universities, this northwestern Washington city has a lot going on. Besides its 15,000 students, thousands of visitors from around the state and Canada flock to the small but bustling community for its arts, history, and eclectic restaurants. Getting through the city was dangerous and complicated. The city looked for a better way.

Reid Middleton designed a roundabout that used the one-way circular roadway effectively to connect and consolidate all of the existing legs of the intersection. Regardless of what leg a vehicle enters the roundabout, they are able to get to their desired destination. The unique multi-lane spiral design of the roundabout matches into the existing lane configurations of all five legs while serving future capacity requirements.