Union Hill Road Widening & Regional Ponds

  • Location Redmond, WA
  • Client City of Redmond
  • State of the Union (Hill Road)

    The last phase of improvements to this key corridor.

  • Going Green Now for Growth Later

    LID stormwater facilities were constructed to accommodate future development in the area.

Safety and efficiency for all. This project was the final chapter of a multi-phase project to improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety along Union Hill Road. The existing two- and three-lane roadway sections were widened to five lanes, and  bicycle lanes and two-way left turn lane were added. To enhance pedestrian safety, the existing paved shoulders and roadside ditches were replaced with curb, gutter, and sidewalk. Roadway improvements were designed to tie into recent modifications made to the bridge at Evans Creek at the eastern terminus of the project. Retaining walls and barrier were used to meet clear zone requirements and provide a separated pedestrian route.

Along with the roadway improvement project, regional stormwater ponds for this 280 acre basin were constructed. Stormwater treatment wetlands and a Boxless Filterra system effectively incorporate elements of low impact development (LID) on a large scale. To accommodate current and future needs, the project’s stormwater conveyance system was routed through Union Hill Road so that further disturbance of the road is not required in the future.