Special Operations Forces Cold Weather Maritime Training Facility

  • Location Kodiak, AK
  • Client Alutiiq, LLC
  • Owner U.S. Navy
  • Helping the Best Get Better

    Improved cold weather survival, navigational, and mission skills training.

  • Reducing the Risks

    Seismic upgrades and structural improvements created safer facilities.

SEALing in the cold. Deployments in the Afghanistan mountains taught the U.S. military that better cold weather preparedness was required. With improvements to the Navy SEAL training complex in Kodiak now a priority, a design-build improvement and expansion project was authorized. Reid Middleton’s structural solutions for three facilities provided substantial cost savings. The rock anchor foundation system designed for one building greatly decreased the required amount of concrete, a very expensive resource on Kodiak Island, lowering construction costs. A new, 20,000 SF, pre-engineered metal building included living quarters; communal and administrative spaces; classrooms; outdoor gear area; and a 70-foot-high climbing training wall. A seismic evaluation of the headquarters building erected in 1992 showed that seismic deficiencies existed and a targeted approach using ASCE 31/41 helped determine the specific elements that needed upgrades. This selective approach reduced anticipated remodeling costs by almost 50%.