Snoqualmie Hall – CWU at Edmonds Community College (ECC)

  • Location Lynnwood, WA
  • Client Duarte Bryant Architecture
  • Owner Washington Department of Enterprise Services
  • Without Growing Pains

    The new building addresses the rapid enrollment growth in the undergraduate degree program without disrupting this bustling campus.

  • Lifelong Partnership & Learning

    Since the inception of Edmonds Community College, Reid Middleton has been helping the college attain their mission of lifelong learning.

Understated undergraduate. Edmonds Community College is a dynamic community college that has demonstrated its ability to serve the community’s educational needs, from continuing education night classes to Bachelor degree track programs. Rapid enrollment of Central Washington University students at the satellite campus required expanded facilities on the Edmond Community College’s 50-acre property. The location of construction was on the main parking lot adjacent to the main college entrance. Reid Middleton’s civil engineers and surveyors worked with an architect to design a three-story, 48,000 SF hall and three parking lots. The challenge was constructing the new classroom building on the fully-functioning campus without reducing parking or disrupting campus operations. Reid Middleton provided the design for a water main extension, sanitary sewer main relocation, storm drainage, detention and water quality treatment, grading, and pavements.